St Matthews Health Center, a non-profit organization, offers free medical services and outreach to individuals with low incomes. The center also promotes healthcare as a fundamental human right. It works with hundreds of volunteers in order to meet the needs for those who do not have insurance. It provides a variety programs, including medications for four dollars. It also provides information about assistance programs for drug users that are provided by pharmaceutical companies.

The staff of the St. Matthew health center have been educated to assist patients with their issues. They can prescribe medication, administer injections, and provide other minor treatments. They are also able provide support and guidance for the patient’s family members. They can assist with bathing, grooming, cooking, and dressing. They can also assist patients with shopping or transport to appointments with doctors.

The St. Matthew Health Centre offers its residents a comfortable, home-like environment. Residents are able to enjoy a warm setting with a variety religious activities and chapel services. The facility also offers the library with a large collection and an attractive outdoor garden. The staff is committed to enhancing the lives of their residents and they are always willing to answer any questions.

The urgent care clinic is open after hours on holidays, weekends and on the weekend. This makes it a convenient option to an emergency view website room. The cost of an urgent visit can range between $100 and $175. Additional treatments can quickly cost more. Before visiting, consult your insurance provider to determine if the clinic you are considering is covered by your insurance.